A phenomenologist, a string theorist, and an experimentalist enter a bar…

Welcome to High Energy PhDs (HEPhDs)! We’re a group of graduate students in high energy physics who blog about topics in particle physics and string theory.

Our main goal is to provide a forum to discuss topics related to our research to help us develop a broad view of our field. We also hope that this will also improve our scientific writing and public outreach skills and create a forum to lay the groundwork for new research directions.

Your HEPhDs blog team:

  • Sparticles. I am Sparticles. I’m a PhD student in beyond the standard model physics. My primary interests are models of supersymmetry and extra dimensions.
  • lanzr. I’m a PhD student in string cosmology. My primary interests are models of string inflation and the landscape problem.
  • MassProducer. I’m a PhD student in experimental particle physics.

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