Good news for theoretical physics graduate education: the unofficial buzz is that Perimeter Institute will be making their “Perimeter Scholars International” (PSI) lectures publicly available through the institute’s PIRSA video archive.

For those of who don’t know, PSI is a new masters-degree course for training theoretical physicists. The program has a unique breakdown of intense 3-week terms where students focus on progressively specialized material. The choice to have more terms with fewer courses (and I assume more weekly hours per course) allows the program to recruit some really big-name faculty from around the world to come and lecture.

The course also includes a research component and I suspect the inaugural batch of students will have quite an experience interacting with the lecturers and each other. This aspect of the program, of course, cannot be reproduce online — but I suspect that the online lectures will serve as an excellent advertisement for prospective students while also acting as a unique archive of pedagogical lectures for those of us who have already started our PhDs. 🙂