The TASI 2009 website is up and the program looks very good. Sorry string theorists, this year will be phenomenology (for the second consecutive year), with lots of focus on the LHC, and cosmology. [Perhaps reflecting the apparent hiring shift toward astro-particle physics?]

Particle Physics:

  • Hsin-Chia Cheng  (Davis) – Introduction to extra dimensions
  • Roberto Contino (CERN) – The Higgs as a Pseudo-Goldstone boson
  • Patrick Fox (Fermilab) – Supersymmetry and the MSSM
  • Tony Gherghetta (Melbourne) – Warped extra dimensions and AdS/CFT
  • Eva Halkiadakis (Rutgers) – Introduction to the LHC experiments
  • Patrick Meade (IAS) – Gauge mediation of supersymmetry breaking
  • Maxim Perelstein (Cornell) – Introduction to collider physics
  • Gilad Perez (Weizman Inst.) – Flavor physics
  • David Shih (IAS) – Dynamical supersymmetry breaking
  • Witold Skiba (Yale) – Effective theories and electroweak precision constraints
  • Kathryn Zurek (Fermilab) – Unexpected signals at the LHC


  • Rachel Bean (Cornell) – Dark Energy
  • Daniel Baumann (Harvard) – Inflation
  • Manoj Kaplinghat (Irvine) – Large Scale Structure
  • Elena Pierpaoli (USC) – Cosmic Microwave Background
  • Richard Schnee (Syracuse) – Dark Matter Experiment
  • Michael Turner (Chicago) – Introduction to Cosmology
  • Neal Weiner (NYU) – Dark Matter Theory

The speakers appear to have been chosen to represent the `next generation’ of young faculty who have already started to shape physics in the ever-extended pre-LHC era. A few especially hot topics include Neal Weiner speaking on Dark Matter theory, Patrick Meade on [general] gauge mediation, and Tony Gherghetta on AdS/CFT “for phenomenologists.”

TASI is one of the ‘big’ summer schools in particle physics. Its primary clientele are later-stage PhD students who can take advantage of relatively broad programs to improve their breadth in physics. It is a fantastic way to get to know many of the up-and-coming people in one’s field.

With a little luck TASI will continue their recent trend of providing video lectures for those who are unable to attend.