Hello! This is a new high energy physics blog written by PhD students. You can learn more about it on our ‘about‘ page.

What we hope to provide on this blog:

  1. Short reviews of topics in high energy physics. Our main goal is to generate an online discussion where we can jot down summaries of interesting ideas.
  2. Accessible summaries. We are also interested in writing posts that will bridge the divides between hep-th/hep-ph/hep-ex communities. While these may not be “public outreach” level, they should be accessible to other graduate students in physics.
  3. News. Some discussion of recent events in high energy physics, e.g. LHC commissioning.
  4. Grad student resources. We will also have posts dedicated to grad student resources for items such as post-doc hunting, publishing, finding review articles, adviser management, etc.

What you will not find on this blog:

  • Original research. There will be no posts on research results prior to publication on the arXiv. In general we will focus on topics tangential to our research.
  • Rumors. We do not participate in rumor mongering.
  • Personal posts. This is not a personal blog. As graduate students have chosen to remain anonymous and refrain from any posts directly about any other person. (No personal attacks.)

Why we’re doing this:

  • PhD students often spend most of their time focusing on very specific projects. We hope to use this blog as a chance to discuss high energy physics more broadly and develop some breadth in our field.
  • We would like to practice and develop our scientific writing skills.
  • This is a venue for us to review ideas that we pick up from seminars, i.e. a way to ruminate over talks rather than promptly forgetting them after the seminar.
  • It’s a way for us to documents thoughts and ideas that we can refer to in the future. Hopefully these might be useful to the broader community as well.

That being said, we’re looking forward to blogging our thoughts about physics.